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This game was made in 4.5 hours for Trijam #93. The theme was unachievable, and we led with the idea that complete control over the players movement is unachievable. 

This means that the player can only commit to one direction until they hit one of the bumpers and are pushed back to the middle of the screen. They are then able to choose another direction to head in. 

Unfortunately there were a number of features we were unable to complete in the 3 hour time period, so spent the additional time working on adding some juice to existing ones. 

How To Play: 
1. Move either left or right with arrow keys, but once you've committed to a direction you need to hit the bumper in order to go the other way. 

2. Avoid the obstacles falling from the sky. 

3. Die.


Programming - Me, Lawrence Thorp

Art - Nikolay Yordanov 

Install instructions

Download the ZIP.

Extract contents to a folder. 

Run Trijam_93. 


Left To Right.zip 92 MB


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Hey! Do you have a Linux executable ? It's not possible for me to run your exe :(

unfortunately not, I can have a look later but I haven't tried building to linux from unreal engine yet. If I get it to work i'll let you know :)