A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 36 hours for the UKIE Student Jam 2020.

The goal is to guide the monsters to the end of the level. Watch out for obstacles, some levels will require you to free the caged monsters but only certain monsters can open certain gates, hence why it is important to diversify and include all of them! Leave no-one behind!


Art by @goblin_hat
Programming by @stpidjuice
Sounds by Eoin O'Hagan
Music by 0999 - https://000999.bandcamp.com/album/ultra-53-in-1-ost

Special thanks to our mentor Dan: @CakeQDan


Install instructions

Download the ZIP.
Extract the ZIP. 

Run Monconga.exe.

Have fun :)


Monconga.zip 97 MB


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A really big fan of the style and effects, everything is really well represented and easy to pick up. The music and sound effects are great and mechanically everything is pretty solid. There were some slight collision issues here and there to do with the arrows and I managed to beat one level without one of the little dudes but overall this is really well done, especially making that many levels for it, and honestly I can see myself chilling out and playing a full game version of this. 


Yeah Niko did a really good job with the assets, came together nicely. But yeah that level completion issue is a bug we're looking to patch after the results come in, i've seen a few others have issues with that.Ty!!


Great game guys! Easy to learn but gets quite challenging by the last level! Took me a few tries xD You got so much work done too given the time frame!

thanks bro, i'm looking forward to playing yours once submission closes. we've got a pretty efficient workflow down now as we've worked together before! there's still a few bugs i'd like to fix after the 30th when results are in, but i'm glad the difficulty curve works right :) ty for your feedback!

Really happy you enjoyed it!